How much does it cost to install air conditioning in London? UK

With recent summers in the UK reaching unprecedented heat levels, an increasing number of Britons are turning to air conditioning for relief.  A common question we receive is: How much does it really cost to install air conditioning in a London bedroom?

 Simple Estimates for Quick Reference:

Here are some straightforward average estimates for London:

  • Small room (2.5kw): £1,400 - £1,700
  • Medium-sized room (e.g. Double Bedroom, 3.5kw): £1,600 - £1,900
  • Large room (e.g. Living-kitchen space, 4.5-5kw): £1,800 - £2,100 

Please note, these are average prices for London companies, but you will always be able to find cheaper options, perhaps at your own risk.

Before we delve into the details of how these estimates come to be, we would like to point out that Airconcool has created a price calculator for a single unit installations based on your chosen requirements, allowing you to get an idea how much it will cost you to install air conditioning in your space.

Let's delve into the details now:

The Bedroom Scenario: Consider an average-sized London bedroom, about 15sqm in size. The ideal AC unit? A 2.5kw model. For a balance of quality and affordability, a mid-range option like the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Standard Inverter 2.5kw unit is a great choice. Renowned in the AC industry, this unit is priced around £450. Plus, domestic installations are exempt from VAT, so there’s one less cost to worry about.

Installation Costs: If your bedroom has an external wall, installation becomes simpler and more cost-effective. This means minimal piping work, with indoor and outdoor units separated only by the wall. In London, such a straightforward installation typically costs between £1,400 - £1,700. Remember, prices can fluctuate with the season, peaking in summer. Hence, installing during the off-season is often more economical.

Quick Estimation Formula: Start with the unit price suitable for your space. If you’re unsure about the unit's capacity, our calculators and guides can help. Add approximately £900 - £1,200 for straightforward installations outside of summer. However, be aware: the UK AC market has its share of inflated pricing. Always research thoroughly.

Brand Names: It’s important to distinguish between brands. Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, for instance, may sound similar but differ in price and quality. Clarify the exact model before committing.

Additional Considerations:

  • Trunking: Concealing pipes for a cleaner look may slightly increase the cost.
  • Electrical Work: Most AC companies handle electrical installations up to 5kW, but it’s always good to confirm.

In summary, air conditioning installation in London isn’t straightforward and varies with each situation. With proper research and clear understanding, you can navigate this with confidence. Whether it’s a cosy bedroom or a busy office space, making an informed decision is key.

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