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Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

The importance of consistent maintenance for air conditioning systems simply cannot be understated. Our specialised engineers, operating across London are exclusively focused on the servicing and maintenance of air conditioning systems. Their extensive expertise enables them to identify parts nearing the end of their usability, recommending replacements to prevent unexpected breakdowns during crucial times.

It's unequivocal that air conditioning units receiving regular service significantly outperform and outlast those that are overlooked. Properly maintained air conditioning systems not only continue to run smoothly but also contribute to lower energy costs, and most importantly upkeep your warranty.

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How To Know If You Need Servicing

There are several unmistakable indicators suggesting your air conditioning system needs servicing. Notable signs include performance issues, such as reduced cooling or heating efficiency, or weaker air flow. Unpleasant smells emanating from the system are also a clear warning. Should you observe any of these issues, it's crucial to arrange a service for your units without delay. Ignoring these signs puts you at a heightened risk of the unit breaking down. From our experience, neglecting regular maintenance is often the precursor to costly repairs.

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How We Can Help You

In a residential setting, an air conditioning system primarily used for cooling might only need servicing once a year. However, for systems used for both heating and cooling, we recommend scheduling at least two service appointments yearly.

For commercial properties such as shops, offices, or restaurants, a minimum of two services per year is recommended to ensure optimal performance. In critical spaces such as server rooms, trading floors, workshops, or beauty salons, where the air might contain higher levels of pollutants, we advise a maintenance schedule that includes three or more visits annually to maintain air quality and system efficiency.

We offer attractive deals for servicing multiple air conditioning units. Please get in touch for more details and a personalised quote on our air conditioning service and maintenance plans.

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