What's the right air conditioner for you?

Choosing the right air conditioner can feel a bit like finding the perfect pair of shoes - it needs to fit just right. But with so many options available, how can you be sure which one is the right fit for your space and needs? Let's find out!

1. How Big is Your Space?

Size matters when it comes to air conditioners. Have you measured the square footage of the room or rooms you wish to cool?

For instance, imagine you're looking to cool a combined kitchen and living room in a two-bedroom house. If this space is 350 square feet, you'll need an air conditioner with a capacity suitable for this size. Given the general guideline of 25 BTUs per square foot, this would mean an air conditioner of approximately 8,750 BTUs. Practically, this means you would need at least a 9,000 BTU unit, but depending on additional factors, you might need something even more powerful."

Remember that other factors such as ceiling height, insulation, and regional climate can impact this calculation.

2. What's Happening in Your Space?

How you use the space, the number of people typically in the room, and even the amount of sun exposure can affect the cooling requirement.

Are there many electrical appliances in the room, like in our combined kitchen and living room example, that generate heat? Are there often more than two people in the room? Does the sun shine directly into the room for a large part of the day? All these factors could require a higher capacity air conditioner.

3. What Type of Air Conditioner Suits Your Needs?

Different types of air conditioners suit different spaces and needs.

If we continue with our example, a split or ductless unit might be the best option for this combined living room and kitchen, as they are generally more powerful and efficient in cooling larger areas compared to portable units.

4. Are You Considering Energy Efficiency?

An air conditioner's energy efficiency is rated by the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and the energy efficiency classes, ranging from A+++ (most efficient) to D (least efficient).

For example, let's say you're comparing two models for your 350 square feet space. Model A has an EER of 3.5 and model B has an EER of 3.0. Model A is more efficient and could potentially save you money in the long run, despite possibly costing more upfront.

5. Have You Thought About Additional Features?

Some air conditioners offer additional features. Would you benefit from a programmable thermostat which could be set to cool your space right before you get home from work? Or perhaps an air purifier that could help reduce kitchen odours in your combined living room and kitchen?

6. What's Your Budget?

As with most things, your budget will likely influence your decision. Are you factoring in not just the price of the unit, but also the cost of installation and ongoing energy costs?

Keep in mind that while an energy-efficient model may cost more upfront, it could save you money over time by reducing your energy bills.

Remember, the right air conditioner for you is one that best suits your specific needs and circumstances. So, what will be the right one for your 350 square feet living room and kitchen?


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